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We are a network of outstanding AI and Machine Learning experts, Cybersecurity professionals, Full Stack Developers, Cloud Architects and Engineers, Data Scientists and Analysts, UI/UX Designers, and Mobile App Developers.

We believe in Social Entrepreneurship and promote diversity in the tech industry. With every tech talent you hire we fund a single mum in Latin America to join the workforce as tech professionals.

What we offer

Match with excellent Tech Talent
& Actively diversify the Tech Talent Pool
  • Tech Talent Access in Colombia
    Access diverse tech talent from Latin America for cost-effective solutions with a handpicked network of top-tier professionals.
  • Specialized Expertise
    Benefit from experts in AI, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Full Stack Development, Cloud Architecture, Data Science, UI/UX Design, and Mobile App Development.
  • Experience Diversity in Tech
    Gain cultural insights, cutting-edge tech, innovative ideas and diverse perspectives from Latin America for your international clients.
  • Flexibility and Scalability
    Scale teams quickly based on project needs with dedicated support and project management from TechBloomz.
  • Risk-Free Trial Period
    Assess compatibility and performance with a risk-free trial period before committing long-term.
  • Transform Lives
    Transform the lives of Latin single mums with the TechBloomz initiative of coding boot camps and providing daycare and showcase this in your CSR reporting.
"It is time to foster diversification actively in the tech industry and empower hard working mums."
CEO, Lena Leis
The TechBloomz Community

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You are not only hiring a top talent but also invest in single mums becoming your next tech talent.
Diversify tech and show your social impact
Show your social initiative with our provided reports. Trust in high quality and certified program of coding schools, bootcamps and daycare.


With every match of tech talent TechBloomz commits to support single mum's in Colombia to leverage their careers by getting access to bootcamps and daycare. We help you show your initiative empowering hard working mums in your CSR reporting.

"She wants to tackle new things. "You only have a limited time to live, and now it presents itself, now I can afford it." Especially since there is a lack of women in business management and among founders."

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